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The Vice of Tokyo

Jake Adelstein wrote Tokyo Vice.


Kashmir Protests

Recent protests and an opinionated history.

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Great Ads and Video – Slow Motion, Time Evolution

Some great ads and video that timelapse lives and times in a twist of sound and video.  And this.  Via MeFi.

The vimeo link showcases the Canon 5D MKII.

Krugman vs Stiglitz on the Chinese currency manipulation.

World Water Day

World Water Day – The Big Picture –

“Severed from the edge of Antarctica, this iceberg might float for years as it melts and releases its store of fresh water into the sea. The water molecules will eventually evaporate, condense, and recycle back to Earth as precipitation. (Camille Seaman, © National Geographic)”

Zamana badalana

Like Norman Baurlag’s high yield seeds that saved much of the world in the 1960s this blog germinates.

World’s salvation pending.